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Utes for Sale NZ

Utes for sale nzUtes for sale nz

There are numerous types of vehicles available in NZ these include cars, vans, Utes and trucks. Utes for sale nz can be found at many of the same places as other vehicles; such as online, private and dealerships.

Utes are a widespread choice in NZ. The reason being is their range of sizing; they range from small to full size, catering to anyone’s needs and demands. Utes are also popular within the framing community of nz. There are 3 different styles of Ute body’s;

  • Regular cab,
  • Extended and full extended cab
  • And crew cab.

‘Regular cab‘ can accommodate 2-3 people with 2 doors.
Extended cab‘ adds the most space.
‘Full extended cab‘ can accommodate up to 3 extra people as opposed to the regular cab Ute
Crew cab‘ has 4 doors and room for 4-5 people.

Commonly trucks offer basic safety measures such as seat belts and air bags, trucks are not known for their safety in fact the opposite, they usually preform badly in safety crash tests. Trucks can be either manual or automatic transmission; you can also have either two or four wheel drive.

When buying utes for sale nz, ensure you check out online resources to ensure you buy a reliable Ute. Utes for sale nz are commonly chosen throughout New Zealand.

Utes for sale nz – Where does the word ‘Ute’ come form?

Ute: The word is derived from the word ‘utility’.

Utes are basically similar to trucks expect they have a tray which can carry heavy things. Utes are specifically made and built for extreme work and hardship.
Not to forget there is another type of Ute.

These vehicles are a ‘coupe’ style of car equipped with a extra large tray. Utes are extremely popular in both New Zealand and Australia. The ‘Holden Commodore Ute’ is very famous. Utes for sale nz will continue to be popular among our farming and labour intensive country.


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